Prince has filed a countersuit against claims that he instructed his bodyguard to assault a college student for taking Prince’s picture late last year at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

In April, Anthony Fitzgerald of Edina, Minn., sued Prince and his bodyguard for $50,000 in damages, saying he was assaulted in a Dec. 29 incident.

His suit claimed that Prince’s bodyguard, identified only as “Trevor,” lunged at Fitzgerald “in an aggressive, threatening manner,” then grabbed his digital camera, leaving him “stunned and humiliated.”

Fitzgerald actually tried to sue Prince in January, but couldn’t find a way to serve him papers – until April.

In his countersuit, apparently filed this week, Prince is also asking for at least $50,000 in damages. Prince’s lawyer, Kristen Naros, tells the Associated Press that Fitzgerald’s “claim has no legal basis, and we will be fighting this in court.”

Fitzgerald’s attorney, Kari Berman, also called Prince’s counterclaim baseless, saying: “He is a public figure walking through a public airport. There’s no expectation of privacy, and he knows it.”

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