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Source Code Coalition

The vast majority of DUI convictions in Minnesota are charged and proven based on the result of a blood-alcohol breath test machine called the Intoxilyzer5000. The problem with this is that the results of the Intoxilyzer5000 are inherently unreliable. Multiple samples taken minutes apart often render drastically different results, calling into question the accuracy of the machine. To fight convictions based on results obtained from the Intoxilyzer5000, a group of criminal defense lawyers, including Kris Naros, have formed a coalition demanding that the source code from the Intoxalyzer5000 be turned over so that it can be examined by experts who can determine its relative accuracy. If your DUI attorney is not part of this coalition, your rights are seriously endangered and you may be convicted by a machine that often produces unreliable results. Don’t let this happen to you.


Urine Testing

While using a stationary breath test machine to measure blood-alcohol content is most common in DUI cases, certain jurisdictions use urine testing to determine blood-alcohol content. If you were administered a urine test after your arrest for DUI, contact Kris Naros immediately. Kris is experienced in attacking the inherent unreliability of urine tests to prove blood-alcohol content. The vast majority of scientific experts agree that urine tests are simply too unreliable to be used as evidence in criminal proceedings. Urine tests are unreliable because urine is often stored in the body for hours after the last drink was taken. Because of this, urine tests reveal what the blood-alcohol level in your body was hours before the test, and often your actual level will be much lower due to the fact that alcohol dissipates in the body naturally over time. Judges across Minnesota are beginning to accept this as a valid defense, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to defend your rights!

BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Content)