All licensed professionals fall prey to a disgruntled client or patient filing a complaint against them with their licensing board. Oftentimes, these complaints are meritless. However, sometimes mistakes have been made that give rise to possible ethical violations or violations of the terms of a professional’s license. Regardless of the motive or the reality of the complaint, each licensing Board takes all complaints very seriously, as they should. As professionals, we play an important role in the lives of those who trust us to help them. We owe a heightened duty to each person we help, professionally. Thus, it is important that we adhere to the licensing standards and requirements in everything that we do.

Even the best, most ethical and skilled professionals make mistakes. Whether it be due to addiction, substance abuse, mental health issues, financial difficulties, when a professional falls below the standards required of him or her, the repercussions can be career ending if not handled appropriately from the start. Do not try to represent yourself. You need a strong, respected and experienced attorney familiar with your licensing Board and their rules in order to minimize then negative impact on your chosen profession. Do not be embarrassed, at Naros Law, we do not judge, we recognize that everyone can make a mistake, and we work with you to support you to help make whatever changes are necessary to get you and your professional practice back on track.

Kris Naros has nearly thirty (30) years of successful experience representing licensed professionals before their licensing Boards, one of only a small number of attorneys in Minnesota handling such cases. Kris’ experience with these licensing boards has garnered her great respect of the professional licensing boards’ complaint committees. They know she will be honest with them while doing everything in her power to save the career and reputation of her professional clients. They know she means business. She will work with you in a caring, compassionate manner, guiding you to make whatever changes are needed to address any issues and keep your license intact so you will not lose your practice and career that you have worked hard to build.

If you receive a complaint from your professional licensing board, it is important to reach out for the best legal representation immediately. Do not wait and do not respond on your own without first consulting Kris Naros.