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Kristen F. Naros

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Even the most competent, experienced, and caring professional can be subject to complaints brought by disgruntled patients, clients, former employees, or other professionals.

Complaints are reported to a professional’s licensing board, each with its unique process for investigating and pursuing these complaints. While particulars vary, there are generally three stages: investigation, formal accusation, decision.

Most professionals are embarrassed by these complaints. They don’t tell anyone, choosing to face the complaint process on their own. This is a huge mistake. Having an experienced professional licensure attorney will help you navigate this complicated process and give you the best chance of avoiding sanctions like

  • Censure or reprimand
  • Suspension of license
  • Loss of license

Even if the complaint is ultimately dismissed, if it’s reached the formal accusation stage, it becomes public and can negatively affect your practice, reputation, and professional relationships. A formal accusation may also affect your ability to obtain or maintain your professional insurance.

With an attorney, many complaints can be resolved before a formal accusation is filed.

Naros Law has represented hundreds of professionals in front of their respective licensing boards. Because of our familiarity and reputation with these boards, we have helped clients avoid sanctions and limited the detrimental impact to their careers and practices.

Call Naros Law as soon as possible after a complaint is filed. Having us by your side means you have a caring, knowledgeable ally to help you through a difficult time.