DUI: 3rd & 4th Degree – Carrying a Pistol While Under the Influence

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3rd Degree Driving Under the Influence (Refusal to Test), 4th Degree Driving Under the Influence, Carrying a Pistol While Under the Influence.


Negotiated plea agreement – Client pled guilty to Carrying a Pistol While Under the Influence, all other charges were dismissed.


This case was recharged from the circumstances surrounding the above case where our Client was accused of pointing a gun at another person in an apartment building hallway.  Police found our Client sitting in his vehicle in the underground garage.  Prosecutors did not have evidence that the alleged assault occurred, and so recharged this case pursuing the Driving Under the Influence charges.  Naros Law was able to convince the Prosecutor that after the previous case was dismissed, they did not have enough evidence to pursue a case of Driving Under the Influence.  The Prosecutor agreed to drop the DWI charges and our client accepted a plea to Carrying a Pistol Under the Influence, a misdemeanor.

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