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Domestic Assault – Fleeing Police – etc

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Domestic Assault, Fleeing from a Police Officer, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Disorderly Conduct, and Terroristic Threats.


Client pled guilty to disorderly conduct.  All other charges were dismissed.


Our Client was arrested following a false report of domestic assault.  Due to the Client’s immigration status, it was imperative that he not plead guilty to a violent crime or fleeing a police officer.  While the domestic assault charge was quickly dismissed, the Prosecutor maintained their stance that the Client should plead guilty to fleeing.  Naros Law’s diligent work, negotiation with the Prosecutor, and discussion with the Judge, allowed for all parties to come together on a fair result that kept our Client from being deported.  Client pled guilty to the Disorderly Conduct charge, kept his immigration status, and paid a minimal fine.