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Over Limit Fishing

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Over Limit Fishing (Misdemeanor)


Negotiated Plea Agreement – Our Client pled guilty to Petty Misdemeanor Fishing Over the Limit, a non-criminal offense


Our Client was found by DNR officers to have been over their fishing limit by hundreds of sunfish, and was facing a severe penalty based on the Prosecutors desire for our Client to be fined per fish.  Complicating the situation, our Client was also on probation on another matter and was facing a possible probation violation for their error.  Naros Law was able to convince the Court and the Prosecutor that our Client should avoid such a harsh consequence for what the innocent error our Client made of not understanding that even sunfish are subject to a fishing limit.  Naros Law was able to demonstrate that our Client learned a valuable lesson on the environmental impact of their poor choices, and our Client demonstrated they understood the responsibility of holding a fishing license.  Our Client received a more reasonable fine than what the Prosecutor demanded for their oversight.