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1st Degree Felony Aggravated Robbery – Solicitation of a Juvenile to Commit a Crime

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1st Degree Felony Aggravated Robbery and Solicitation of a Juvenile to Commit a Crime.


Negotiated Plea Agreement – Client pled guilty to both charges.  Sentence included 3 years probation, no fine, 142 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse with work and school release, and a stayed sentence of 48 months in jail.


Our Client and a minor accomplice were accused of pushing a person onto the lightrail tracks in downtown, Minneapolis, and stealing their belongings.  While a security camera at the lightrail station caught the act, the video was inconclusive on how the victim ended up on falling onto the tracks.  According to our Client, and supported by the video evidence, the victim and our Client exchanged words and were about to start fighting at the lightrail station.  There was no video evidence that anyone caused the victim to fall and it seemed that the victim simply lost his balance during the altercation.  After falling, our Client and the minor accomplice took the victim’s belongings and walked away.  The victim was easily able to stand, and remove himself from the tracks long before the next train pulled into the station.  Because of our Client’s young age, their commitment to finish college, and dedication to their job, the Court gave our Client a second change by agreeing to stay a prison sentence.  This gave our Client an opportunity to continue college without much interruption and move their life forward in a positive direction.