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Assault on Police Officer – Obstructing the Legal Process – Fleeing Police

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4th Degree Assault on a Police Officer (felony), Obstructing the Legal Process, and Fleeing a Police Officer


Negotiated Plea Agreement – Client pled guilty to Obstructing the Legal Process, all other charges, including felony Assault on a Police Officer, were dismissed.


While standing outside of a bar our Client was observed by an officer on foot patrol to be very intoxicated.  When our Client reentered the bar, the officer advised him that he needed to go home due to their intoxication.  When our Client refused to leave, the officer asked for identification and soon discovered an active warrant in another state, as well as being on probation.  The officer asked our Client to sit in a squad car until their probation officer could be contacted to determine probation conditions, at which time our Client attempted to flee.  During the altercation the officers received several incidental injuries due to broken glass on the ground in the area.  After reviewing the evidence in this case, Naros Law determined that the officers did not have probable cause to detain or question our Client based on their brief observations of their intoxication.  Naros Law pressed forward with a Motion to Dismiss, and prior to the hearing the Prosecutor agreed to drop the felony charge.  Our Client was convicted of Obstructing the Legal Process, a misdemeanor, and received a minimal fine.